How it works


You can create a new request by sending an email to

The subject line is the title for the request and the email body is the description. You can also attach files to be included.

We'll send you an email with a unique link and passcode to access your request, make any changes and add the list of approvers.


When you're ready, toggle the publish switch to Yes and hit Save.

We'll send out an email to each of your approvers which includes a unique link and passcode to your request.


Your approvers review your request. They can ask any questions or provide feedback through the comments tab. We'll notify you when new comments are added.

Approvers respond by clicking the Approve or Reject button. You can view the current status of your request at any time.


Once your request has been approved or rejected we'll send you a notification. You can download a full report of your request including a timeline of the activity and comments.

Send an email to
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