Unholy Night Fails to Meet it’s Kickstarter Target for Cartridge Production


Unholy Night SNES release on Kickstarter by Blazepro and Foxbat has unfortunately failed to reach it’s goal target of $52,500. The team managed to reach 44% of their target from 374 backers over the 30 day campaign period.

The team behind the game boasted some great credentials some of which were behind such fighting classics as Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters from Neo Geo.

The game is finished, but unfortunately the team were struggling to meet the minimum quantity demands for the cartridge manufacturing stage.

Below is a snippet of the game in action from early December last year when it was debuted at the Hong Kong Retro Game Expo.

The original plan was for cartridges to begin shipping to Kickstarter backers April this year, unfortunately unless they can raise the remaining funds it looks like that date will be delayed. Hopefully the team will find another way to raise the cash.

The project’s official page can be found on the post76 site. English speakers will probably need to translate it as the info is in Chinese but the page provides some background to the game, along with details about the characters, features and screenshots.

The SNES is arguably one of the greatest games consoles of all time and an excellent retro gaming choice for modern gamers. A 16bit machine which was technically superior to it’s competitor the Sega Mega Drive and had much larger range of software.


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