Crowd Pleasing Retro Revival Destined to Make this Phone a Success


The news that the Nokia 3310 is being reborn has been rocketing through the tech cosmos. The release data is being announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which starts today. A throwback to it’s predecessor back in 2000 the renewed model will sport the same rounded candy bar form but with a colour screen, interchangeable covers and very long battery life which has been quoted to last up to a month. More importantly it will of course include Snake.



Original 3310 handsets in new condition have started making their way on eBay and selling for a pretty penny between £150 and £200 being touted now as a collectable item.

Demonstrated by the sellout Mini NES console recently that took online stores by storm, it shows that there’s a market for revived retro tech if it serves a purpose and adds value.

I never actually owned the original 3310 myself, but I was very satisfied patron of it’s earlier brother the 3210. In fact in my opinion it was that phone that kickstarted a movement off the back of the success of the 5110 and Orange Everyday 50.. The days of old when it hit 7pm and you couldn’t make a phone call because everyone else was, and your friends would mis-call you if you were on a different network so they didn’t get charged for the call.

At one time I remember it seemed like the only phone around was the 3210.

Like most people I was a big fan of Snake, forever trying to better my score as well as the unsung hero Rotation.. the Nokia version of the Rubix cube. My best mate and I would spend day after day doing nothing but trying to beat our time on that one. Until the buttons on the phone wore out.

I’ve got enough phones lying around the house so I personally don’t think I need to purchase one of these new 3310’s but I have a feeling it’s going to be very popular.





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