The Best Xbox One Controllers

Xbox One might not have had a great year but its controllers are an entirely different story. The controller you play with affects the entire experience. Knowing that, not only Microsoft but also a number of 3rd-party companies have released a range of controllers to enhance your gaming ability and compete to be the best Xbox One Controller. Naturally, this means that there’s quite a few Xbox One Controllers on the market and we at DMS Gaming have gone through them all and give you the lowdown.

Xbox Elite Controller

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Image
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller []

Since the Xbox One came out I didn’t have any complaints about the original Xbox controller – that is until I used the Xbox Elite Controller. The Xbox Elite Controller is based on the original Xbox Controller design but manages to outdo every other Xbox Controller. Even after playing with the Xbox Elite Controller for hours I didn’t feel any fatigue and its design though traditional had a certain flare to it that just made it stand out.

The Xbox Elite Controller has a sturdier and stronger stainless-steel body. It has multiple new features which include four paddle-style buttons on the back along with locking switches to turn each trigger into hair-triggers, a modifiable set of thumbsticks, a D-pad and controller buttons that are programmable using the onboard software. I was genuinely surprised how many options for customization the Xbox Elite Controller had.  it even allows you to change the range of the thumb-sticks, the effect of every trigger pull and even it also allow you to change the strength of the vibration in each hand. Moreover, the beautiful matte finish is gorgeous, to say the least and the controller has a soft-touch grip feel. The Xbox Elite Controller is truly one of the best Xbox One Controllers on the market.

Xbox One Wireless

Xbox One Wireless Controller Image
Xbox One Wireless Controller []

Let’s be honest, the Xbox Elite controller is definitely a great controller but when it comes down to price it’s not the best choice.  If you’re low on budget and looking for one of the best Xbox One Controllers then the more standard Xbox One Wireless Controller is what you need. It may not feature as many attractive additional features or trimmings as the Dual-shock 4, but it does feature the original Xbox controller layout along with a number of features that have proved effective and reliable to use before.

The latest edition of the Xbox One wireless controller features built-in Bluetooth capabilities, this makes this controller easier than before to use with the PC too. This new edition of the Xbox One wireless controller has many new improvements too. The framework and the improved built quality make this controller a much better option than most of its predecessors. The thumbsticks in the new controller feel very light and smooth when moved, the bumper buttons are clickier now, this all makes the controller much more satisfying to use. 

Another new feature in the Xbox One Wireless Controller is the unique force feedback system, each trigger is individually equipped with the unique force feedback system. This enables each trigger to vibrate individually against your fingers to give you a life-like experience of gunshots, hand braking while driving and many other scenarios. This feature may not sound catchy at first, it may even seem silly, but in reality, it is a pretty cool feature that works a lot better than our expectations.

Overall, the Xbox Wireless Controller is a more economical replacement for the Xbox Elite Controller and if you’re a casual player, then going with the Xbox Wireless Controller might be the best idea.

Scuf Gaming Infinity 1

Scuf Gaming Infinity 1 Controller Image
Scuf Gaming Infinity 1 []

After seeing the success of the Xbox Elite controller, you might have wondered if there are other professional gamepads in the market which can challenge the Xbox controller.

This is where the SCUF Gaming Infinity 1 makes its entry. The SCUF Gaming Infinity 1 is the only other controller besides the Xbox Elite Controller that’s designed for professional gamers. The SCUF Infinity 1 is a professional quality, customizable gamepad, which features paddles, a rubbery grip and premium soft-touch finish along with a variety of customizable options that make it one of the best Xbox One Controllers.

With the Infinity 1, it is up to you how you want your gamepad to look and function – literally. When I sat down to customize my controller I was overwhelmed, to say the least. It took me over 2 hours and a lot of Googling to finally make a Controller I was satisfied with. These customizable features are quite impressive. But most people like this feature better with the Xbox One Elite because there you’re given the option to change the features on the fly, rather than just having them built in from the outset. But hey, at least you do get the personal touch and amazing support with SCUF Gaming Infinity 1.

Razer Wildcat

Razer Wildcat Xbox One Controller Image
Razer Wildcat []

Razer’s third generation Xbox gamepad, the Wildcat, is an alternative choice to Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite Wireless controller. Buying this controller is another way to pay 150$ to play Xbox One and PC games, but it is not necessarily a better option.

This controller was originally developed for e-Sport tournaments and was made with the help of the feedback from some of the best e-Sport athletes from around the world. The Razer Wildcat features four additional Multi-Function buttons over the classic controller layout for unmatched customizability.

The controller’s lightweight, optional palm grips, and reinforced wire connections are all specially designed for extra-long gaming sessions for comfortable long-term use This enhances your gameplay whether it’s a training session or a very tense tournament match.

All these features prove that the Razer Wildcat is a great gamepad even for professional gamers. The gamepad’s extra buttons feel instinctive and are pretty easy to program, which allows you to run, jump and do a number of other actions in the game without having to take your thumbs off of the sticks. RazerO’s gamepad is a very reliable and convenient choice and performs equally well with PC and Xbox One.

It is very comfortable to use and light enough to keep your hands from getting tired during long marathon gaming sessions. So if you are a serious gamer looking for a lightweight controller designed for e-Sports, then the Razer Wildcat is the right choice for you.

Recon Tech Special Edition

Recon Tech Special Edition Xbox One Controller Image
Recon Tech Special Edition []

The Recon Tech Special Edition is the new wireless controller from Microsoft and is compatible with all Xbox One Variants and Windows 10. I don’t consider myself to be a fan of Wireless controllers but the Recon Tech Special Edition is definitely looking like an exception. The Recon Tech Special Edition lets you map customizable buttons as well as providing twice the connection range than the Xbox Wireless Controller. But what makes the Recon Tech Special Edition standout for me is the 3.5mm Jack supports every headset with a 3.5mm connector.

Overall, the Recon Tech Special Edition is an extremely comfortable and ergonomic controller that one can tell was designed for couch use. If you’re looking for a great wireless controller, then the Recon Tech Special Edition is far better than the normal Xbox One Wireless controller – but naturally, that’s just my opinion.

Let you know what you think and whether you agree without picks in the comments below.

Unholy Night fails to meet it’s Kickstarter target for cartridge production

Unholy Night SNES release on Kickstarter by Blazepro and Foxbat has unfortunately failed to reach it’s goal target of $52,500. The team managed to reach 44% of their target from 374 backers over the 30 day campaign period.

The team behind the game boasted some great credentials some of which were behind such fighting classics as Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters from Neo Geo.

The game is finished, but unfortunately the team were struggling to meet the minimum quantity demands for the cartridge manufacturing stage.

Below is a snippet of the game in action from early December last year when it was debuted at the Hong Kong Retro Game Expo.

The original plan was for cartridges to begin shipping to Kickstarter backers April this year, unfortunately unless they can raise the remaining funds it looks like that date will be delayed. Hopefully the team will find another way to raise the cash.

The project’s official page can be found on the post76 site. English speakers will probably need to translate it as the info is in Chinese but the page provides some background to the game, along with details about the characters, features and screenshots.

The SNES is arguably one of the greatest games consoles of all time and an excellent retro gaming choice for modern gamers. A 16bit machine which was technically superior to it’s competitor the Sega Mega Drive and had much larger range of software.


Snake, the return

You may have heard in the news that the Nokia 3310 is being reborn. The release data is being announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which starts today. A throwback to it’s predecessor back in 2000 the renewed model will sport the same rounded candy bar form but with a colour screen, interchangeable covers and very long battery life which has been quoted to last up to a month. More importantly it will of course include Snake.



Original 3310 handsets in new condition have started making their way on eBay and selling for a pretty penny between £150 and £200 being touted now as a collectable item.

Demonstrated by the sellout Mini NES console recently that took online stores by storm, it shows that there’s a market for revived retro tech if it serves a purpose and adds value.

I never actually owned the original 3310 myself, but I was very satisfied patron of it’s earlier brother the 3210. In fact in my opinion it was that phone that kickstarted a movement off the back of the success of the 5110 and Orange Everyday 50.. The days of old when it hit 7pm and you couldn’t make a phone call because everyone else was, and your friends would mis-call you if you were on a different network so they didn’t get charged for the call.

At one time I remember it seemed like the only phone around was the 3210.

Like most people I was a big fan of Snake, forever trying to better my score as well as the unsung hero Rotation.. the Nokia version of the Rubix cube. My best mate and I would spend day after day doing nothing but trying to beat our time on that one. Until the buttons on the phone wore out.

I’ve got enough phones lying around the house so I personally don’t think I need to purchase one of these new 3310’s but I have a feeling it’s going to be very popular.